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Cityvswoods debuts delectable lo-fi single "New Colors"

The New York-based artist Cityvswoods has kicked off his career with "New Colors," a jazzy amalgam of acoustic fingerpicking and reverb-heavy vocals. The talent behind the name is Mark Lombardo, who describes his lo-fi songwriting as "impressionistic folk"—which kind of makes sense when you consider that everything you're hearing was recorded on the artist's iPhone.

There are lots of lo-fi musicians out there, but not everyone can stitch together a track that really capitalizes on the medium. The textures that unfurl between the layered guitars are as soothing as they are enthralling. As the artist's fingers move along the neck of his instrument each little pop and crackle is given extra emphasis. Not to mention those brief moments of falsetto. It all mixes so well with the grainy backdrop. Cityvswoods's new track is a glistening example of minimalist pop done right.

Connect with Cityvswoods: Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram


Acoustic · Indie · Lo-Fi


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