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Yetep and William James team up with vocalist Chae on "Light Up The Way"

If you're familiar with LA based producer Yetep's mixes you may have heard this one early from his sets. He teams up with William James on the production, a melodic future bass that features vocalist Chae who delivers an uplifting top line that compliments well with the elevated drop. 

This is my favourite original track that Peter has helped release to date, it features a mix of melodies from start to finish. We're brought into a story from the beginning with the vocals that draw you in, over a background ambience that makes you believe that you're in a mystified forest of some sorts. The track begins to pick up towards the drop, mixed in with ambient sounds that creates a lead in to the uplifting melodic future bass drop. 

I'm really excited to continue to see where Peter and William move with their production, they both strive to bring emotion to all their shows and tracks and that is evident to date. If you're a fan of this track, they have previously teamed up on a remix for Manilla Killa that can be heard here: 

Connect with Yetep: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter
Connect with William James: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter



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