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William Black and Matte take you on a wave of emotion in "Take Me" ft RUNN

If you're not familiar with William Black yet, he's an artist that you definitely don't want to sleep on. He's continued to put out bangers that really tug on your emotions. His latest single released on Lowly Palace titled "Take Me" features his signature sound with collaborations from Matte and vocalist RUNN on a fantastic piece that hits close to home for many with the lyrics. 

The single begins with RUNN's alluring vocals overlapped with a graceful piano melody as well as a drum and bass snare. It leads into elements of Will's signature future bass sound that he has carved for himself. The song oozes a mixture of harmonies and synths that can help kickstart your morning or jam out at night in the car. William and Matte have an upcoming headline show in LA on August 18th that you should check out if you're in town. To keep up to date on the event, follow his socials down below!

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