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Mike Wing & Sechion link up on the vintage party-themed "Miss Me" single

Mike Wing laced us early in the week with a funk-filled, groovy single titled " Miss Me". The vintage sounding record is crafted by GBeats and draws a lot of inspiration from 80s funk and disco records.

Wing doesn't joke around with being the life of the party on this record as he delivers rousing, spirited bars depicting his encounter with a female acquaintance. This is not a joint for super lyrical showcases but rather a pure feel-good record with upbeat party vibes. The production is particularly solid as GBeats samples Madonna's "Holiday" and flips it into something off the chain with extra hard-hitting drums and catchy guitar licks. Mike handles the mic with effortless proficiency but extra pops to Sechion who comes through at the end with a solid, off-the-cuff verse.

You can get the single on Spotify

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