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Roqy Tyraid is absolutely not "PLYNwcha" [Video]

Roqy Tyraid is taking it back to the essence of rap on his new song "PLYNwcha"  and it's accompanying visuals.

The Phoenix, AZ-based rapper kicked off a three song and video summer campaign a few months back with the release of the 70s-esque video  'Jim Kelly,' which was featured on The Slice. On his newest entry, he goes for the jugular with hard-hitting bars over a hardbody slapping backdrop provided by  Motif Alumni. Like the title suggests, RoQy forgoes all niceties and shows just how lyrics and style do matter in the grand scheme of things as he ensures every verbal hit lands on the kisser but he also acknowledges the effect of a catchy hook to balance it out.

The self-directed visual has a vintage, sombre aesthetic that looks like cut scenes from a B-movie. I can't seem to find any major connecting dots but here RoQy is performing with a mic, a hand-held rocket propeller and sometimes a wrench while other shots of a b-girl, a shadow boxer and women holding their fists up fill into the screen. Regardless, it's quite entertaining for the most part so hit the play button, get familiar and also check out his tour dates below.

Connect with Roqy Tyraid : Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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