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Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo continue as Anti Up to release high voltage video for 'Pizza' [Premiere]

Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo took the house music world by storm by reviving their act Anti Up for a new release, "Pizza." The track's hypnotic vocals resonate through a steamrolling beat and almost jarring synths, working in tandem for their reliability - who hasn't had a big night out and ended their night with pizza? 

Now, Anti Up has released the music video for "Pizza," and it does the perfect job of translating the track's energy into a visual form. Shot entirely on iPhones, it is a striking visual as the screen splits three ways to detail a night out for a group of friends. But they have a mission in mind as they go from subway to rave to of course, pizza, involving aggressive revenge against a certain someone who they know to be at one of these places. Calamity is the only word to describe what ensues, and it's enthralling to be a voyeur of what goes down.

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[…] The video is just as crazy as the track itself.                 Source […]