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Anne Dereaux releases video and remix for hit track "Rock Away"

After transforming from architect to solo artist Anne Dereaux dropped her debut EP in 2017 called Book Of LolitaThis track is the top standout from the project.

The the diction Dereaux uses in this song sets the mood, and might be the reason for its popularity, the way each word meets the next creates an intoxicating melody over the dreamy, pop-trap beat. Her style ranges from a soulful R&B sound to a cleaner pop style, and this song meets in middle which makes it very accessible to fans of both genres. Ifrommova directed the video which has Anne living the "pimp" lifestyle, from counting money to driving a Cadillac Convertible. After watching multiple documentaries and asking herself "What would a female glamour pimp actually look like, feel like?  What message can this satire drive home?" this video is what she ended up with. While not a literal career suggestion, female empowerment is the goal. Seeing women in positions of power help to reinforce that gender shouldn't determine success, rather the ambition and aptitude. 

The remix takes Dereauxs style and adds some flavor. While not drastically changing the tone of the song, Cheah Meng's instrumental takes more of the lead over the vocals. Enjoy both the visual and remix for the summer vibes and check out the links below for more Anne Dereaux. 

Connect to Anne Dereaux: Website| Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter 

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