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NÉONHÈART debut new indie dance single "AFTERMATH" [Premiere]

NÉONHÈART's music has been elegantly described as a mix of Ellie Goulding meets Daughter. And, their latest release "AFTERMATH" is here to win fans of the indie dance genre over. NÉONHÈART's new single is a more subdued. Especially, in comparison from what we've seen from the pair previously (known equally for collaborations alongside the likes of  3LAU, Seven Lions and Said the Sky.)

Heavy synths, intricate drum patterns and sweeping vocals make "AFTERMATH." The result is a refreshing listen for the ears. Formed when Canadian singer/songwriter, Christina O'Connor met Chinese songwriter/producer HAOO in LA. We feel like there is a lot of excitement to come. Speaking about the track, the pair shares: 
"We all have that moment in life when we rush to find a new start but fail to realize that we are just running away from the problem. Aftermath is about that feeling when you are stuck in a continuous circle and struggle to break through."
Give it a first listen here. 
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