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Martin pays homage to 'Akira' in latest single "Pill Jacket" [Video]

Rising emcee Martin pays homage to the classic Anime flick Akira on his new single "Pill Jacket ". Check out the official video below.

Besides the novel animation and gripping storyline, Akira fans would always remember the classic red coloured jacket with the white and blue pill imprinted on the back, worn by Kaneda. Said item is the main object of  "Pill Jacket " where Martin plays an unrelenting collector seriously seeking the jacket by any means necessary. The SpydaWebs produced track is a weird mix of electronic and rap elements with a whole lot of bounce within it. Martin, on the other hand, tells the listener the story about his longwinded search for this elusive piece of clothing. “Pill Jacket” features Martin’s sidekick, Cloud, a white mouse that reflects Martin’s personality and is along for the ride.

The visual for the song was filmed by Knoblock Photography and it's pretty decent and simple. It plays like a loop featuring Martin himself as the seeker of the jacket while famed cosplayer Glo Shtick plays the owner of the aforementioned jacket. Glo Shtick linked up with Martin via Instagram after the rapper saw that he actually possesses the jacket that Martin so desperately pleads for in the song. “Pill Jacket” is the 13th single released in Martin’s alternative hip-hop universe, in which he combines music, live action film, and his original 2D animated characters. 

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