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Judson Wright crafts some summertime love vibes on "Palm Trees"

Budding Mississippi based musician Judson Wright hit us up with his newest record titled "Palm Trees", the single serves as the sophomore release from the young act.

Blending a smooth mix of acoustic RnB fuelled vibes with new age sensibilities, Wright delivers a solid, emotion-filled performance that showcases his vocal range, production, and solid songwriting skills. The acoustic arrangement is particularly stunning, it has a nice mix of summer and vintage vibes that would surely get the listener hooked. While the bright soundscape takes center stage here, the message of the record is actually about a man at his breaking point from a general standpoint. Wright delivers both catchy melodies and some bars to drive home his point and he tries to balance the positive message with the catchiness so no element gets lost in the mix.

 This is just the second release from Judson Wright, with "Original" dropping prior to it. Get the single on Spotify and Apple Music

Connect with Judson Wright : Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram



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