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Dottie Mai drops 'We Ain't Friends' EP

Budding pop act Dottie Mai has dropped her five-track EP titled We Ain't Friends. The project is short but helps bring her story to the listener in a unique fashion using lush soundscapes and pop-driven arrangements with slight twists and turns.

The EP opens up with the anthemic title track "We Ain't Friends" where she takes the high road in a turbulent relationship. The following cuts "Good" and "So much to say" vary the emotions much with the former exuding a dark-pop vibe with an upbeat edm twist while the latter slows it down with its dreamy laid-back backdrop. The final two tracks include the tropical groove-filled "Darling" which fully embraces the experimental pop side of things, and the closer "Hearts Beat" wraps it up on a dark and somber note.  Overall, we have not just the typical pop soundscapes and arrangements but her unique songwriting and vivid imagination really adds to the mix and make it engaging. As a whole, We Ain't Friends is strictly for staunch pop advocates and anyone with the penchant for good old-fashioned taste for the extraordinary.

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