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The 1975 get angry with new single "Love It If We Made It"

"We're fucking in a car, shooting heroin" is a most aggressive opening. Matty Healy is angry, it would seem. So am I. And so are you, if you've got half a brain and are paying attention to the current state of the world. This is now your designated Angry Millennial Anthem.

"Love It If We Made It" is the second single from The 1975's third album A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships. Dropping references to both Trump and Kanye, the aggression of the track is palpable. Intensely fed up with the socio-economic/political world, frustration is masked only by the band's characteristic synth-laden disco pop and reverb-soaked guitar, as frontman Matty Healy screams: "modernity has failed us." 

Speaking on the track, Healy told Zane Lowe: “It’s quite outward, it’s me kind of looking out. It’s an interesting one, because there’s not a lot of context and a lot the things that I say in [the track] are direct quotes from people, or they’re headlines I’ve read.” Given that lack of context, perhaps I'm doing the contextualizing myself. Of course, we all view media through a lens of our own biases. That said, it is my unbiased opinion that if Healy can take a bunch of headlines and string them into four minutes and thirteen seconds of both understanding and escape, it makes him one of the greatest pop lyricists of the last fifteen years. 

Connect with The 1975: Website | Spotify | Twitter 

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