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Alekesam proves he's a man of many talents with "Vagabond"

2018 kicks ass. At least, it kicks ass for music. Every day a new artist pops up with some fresh spin on a classic sound. Genres are fine, and all but they shouldn't box in an artist, and thankfully, the music world is starting to agree.

On his latest single, Sal Masekela, aka Alekesam, drops a groovy, guitar forward R&B joint that does everything to live up to it's "Surf R&B" description. 

For those not in the know, Alekesam isn't just some brand new kid bursting onto the scene. The dude hosted the X Games for a hot minute AND wrote for publications like Nat Geo and Vice. So, suffice it to say he's an already accomplished so and so. However, we're not here to talk about the X Games (though this writer will NEVER forget the moment Tony landed the 9…), we're here to talk about music!

"Vagabond" starts off with a slow and melancholy guitar riff before the percussions start waltzing onto the scene. Produced by Sunny Levine (along with the rest of Alekesam's upcoming album), the track compliments Alekesam's vocals perfectly. "Vagabond" has an almost 90's indie feel, a mash-up of what was great from the past and what's brilliant about the future.

As alluded to above, "Vagabond" is not the last you'll hear of Alekesam. His latest LP, Sound Proof Heart is due to grace digital shelves August 10 and will feature his father, the legendary Hugh Masekela. The entire project is produced by Sunny Levine so if you liked what you heard above; you are in for a real treat.

Connect with Alekesam: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter



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