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Damn, Para Fiction does it again with "Wavey Days"

The PF boys are back and raised the fucking gnar bar with their latest track and video, “Wavey Days.”

Okay, so, quick recap. Para Fiction is a Brighton based duo that makes tunes on the punk side of hip hop. Their tracks put the “shred” in Shreddy Krueger with snarling beats and haunting delivery. Their previous joint, “W Y S X” was an atomic bomb of an introduction into their music and their newest song “Wavey Days” feels like a cataclysmic tidal wave obliterating speakers everywhere. But, you know, in a good way.

Para’s video for “Wavey Days” sees Jambo spitting his verses over extremely lo-fi surf cuts and wave reels. It’s thrashing and acidic, not unlike the song itself. And much like the artists themselves, there’s a bit more to the song than the gnarly look. “Brighton is the Bermuda Triangle of wave. People come here and get lost and dragged under, scraping along the seabed. ‘Wavey Days’ is our personal testament to what happens when you’re exposed to a city where the only real thing to do to is roam around as meaningless rouges.”

Pay attention to these dudes, ladies, and gents; they’re making waves.

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