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LAOLU Unveils Uplifting Summer Tune "So Right" [Premiere]

Songwriter and musician Laolu unveils the third and final single from her forthcoming EP All In Me. The record in question is titled "So Right" and serves as a solid summer tune for all to bask in.

The summery record follows her recent single drops that includes two brilliant tracks - "How To Feel" and the EP title track "All In Me." Both tracks show us just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. It is often said that a three's charm, so "So Right" helps bring the vibe to a plateau. In sharp contrast to the dark and moody "All In Me," which detailed her battle with depression, and the sweltering R&B track "How To Feel," "So Right" is an infectious and uplifting jam about finally being happy and feeling right about it. The record builds on exquisite acoustic guitar arrangements to start, before blossoming into a lush and expansive drums-backed summer offering, held together by the honest, candid and relatable songwriting, and brilliant vocal performance by the young songstress.

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