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Folded Dragons isn't about "Fake Love" in this engaging new track

Folded Dragons has paired up with Jason Chen, Ak Benjamin, and Ysabelle Cuevas for an enticing track called "Fake Love." Being attracted to and falling in love with someone can be life-changing. However, when things go awry, they can quickly turn a positive situation negative. "Fake Love" is about those feelings that are caught but a facade is worn. In this new track, Folded Dragons is not having any fake or unrealistic expectations. Last year, the talented forthcoming artist released a cunning remix of Alaina Cross' "Six Feet." 

Ysabelle Cuevas' vocals open the piece with Folded Dragons' epic orchestral percussion. Teetering between Chen, Benjamin, and Cuevas' vocals is a myriad of future bass, trap, and pop elements. Folded Dragons has gone above and beyond the call of duty for an infectious and riveting piece. "Fake Love" is emotional, captivating, and ambient all in one. This is a track that will keep you focused from the first bar to the last. You can download "Fake Love" for free here

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