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Eli & Fur share new EP and 'Night Blooming Jasmine' documentary

London duo Eli & Fur have released a career defining EP in their latest release. Entitled Night Blooming Jasmine led by an eponymous single and expansive deep house soundscapes across the board, the five-track EP is a triumphant return for the UK duo.

Eliza Noble and Jennifer Skillman have been working in the underground space as Eli & Fur since they first released music together in 2012, but through the complimentary short documentary they released in conjunction with Night Blooming Jasmine, we see that their connection and work goes a lot further back than just that, but to college, where they met and roomed together. Through this documentary paired with their music, we get a long overdue and close introduction to the people behind Eli & Fur.

"Our journey as club DJs has inspired us in so many ways and we wanted to draw from those experiences, as well as our more song-based tracks earlier in our career and make something a little different that means a lot to us artistically. We feel this EP merges these two worlds together and we hope that what you hear in these songs, is our love of song-writing as well as the darker, more melodic side of electronic music that tells stories and creates emotions."

From the title track, the EP moves on to the downtempo "Something Was Real," to the entrancing "Parfume," and "Honest." Throughout we get the organic melancholy that has become Eli & Fur's brand, and as always, is perfected with their own work on vocals as well as production.


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