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Austin Sexton's "Paola" is a unique take on love, friendship and then some

Alternative R&B act Austin Sexton gifts us with his unique brand of alternative soul-laden music with the release of his new single simply titled "Paola". Born and raised in Southern Pennsylvania, Austin currently resides in Los Angeles and is active as both an artist and producer, having co-produced Kyle's recent lead single "To The Moon" and the entirety of Demrick's upcoming album Came a Long Way, on which he is also featured.

"Paola" is a retro-tinged record that hits you in the soul once you touch the play button. The musical arrangement built on a gripping guitar riff, warm bassline, and thick down-tempo groove takes the listener into a certain zone where he or she can vividly picture the story Sexton is weaving. The nostalgia-inducing element aside, Sexton still adds a modern touch to the mix to balance the spectrum. On the song, he delivers his lines with airy, atmospheric/haunting vocals that tell a story of him and a young lady who are both in a situationship (for lack of a better word). While the two have had past intimate dealings, their status is still up for debate. Are they going steady or is this just another notch on their respective belts? 

"Paola" is the first look into Austin Sexton's new EP of the same name and it's his first single since his debut project Good Sex, released in 2017. The music video for "Paola" will be released on July 24th and you can also watch him live at his music video release party on Sunday, July 22, at Harlowe Bar in West Hollywood.

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