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Bondax's latest soulful dance single is the "Real Thing" featuring Andreya Triana [Video Premiere]

The UK-based duo Bondax are back with the video for their latest single "Real Thing" featuring Andreya Triana. This record is a wonderful blend of bouncy nu-disco beats with sultry smooth R&B vibes. Triana's vocal work makes this the perfect track to dance along to all summer. Hit play below:

Adam and George of Bondax are masters of delivering lush house electronic vibes but they really challenged themselves with trying to get into that sultry UK R&B sound that's blowing up right now. And they succeeded beautifully. “Real Thing” is what I feel if Jamiroquai were a young house/electronica producer in today's world would produce. This track is a splendid showcase of classic soul and R&B sounds infused with contemporary electronic beats. The intricate instrument work is delivered with a perfect dose of bouncy orchestral that sets the center stage for Andreya Triana's dazzling vocal work. This release is the debut single from Bondax's upcoming new album and it shows a bit of nuance and maturity from the duo who have clearly been honing in new skills for this release.

"We’re very proud of this one and think Andreya sounds incredible and did a great job. It’s a bit of
a throwback soul track which develops into a disco feel, with a bit of a modern production touch." Bondax
From the press release: The music video is a display of the emotional journey of one man’s fight with self-acceptance, jumping from self-loathing and unnerving emotions to ones of seduction and humor, as he moves from one persona to the next. 
"We’re really to happy to share the music video for our new single “Real Thing”. The video follows one protagonist and his struggles with a personality disorder and his internal battle of self-acceptance. We’re really happy with how it turned out, the actor is very talented and Ralph and Jay our good friends (the directors) put it all together so well." Bondax
Bondax are also residents on a MCR Live, with their monthly podcast, “Recur,” where listeners can hear exclusive tracks, classics, interviews with other artists, and more. Check out: https://www.mcr.live/bondax-22-6-18/


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