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Check out this colorful future pop single "Dinosaur" from More Giraffes

Kicking off their own bio with a quite cheeky remark, Cali-based duo More Giraffes share, "In a cultural landscape that lives and dies by viral videos, hilarious memes, and listicles with a hint of side-eye, new artists strive to fit perfectly into the next great playlist." Mark Hadley and Keeley Bumford together make up More Giraffes and they'e doing just that. This is the first we've come across from the pair, but their latest single "Dinosaur" is a carefree piece of work, laced with future pop feels and catchy lyrical content, their sophomore single sets the stage for more music to come. "Dinosaur is an anthem for everyone that knows they're fly AF. It's about having the confidence to be yourself and stomp out the haters like a T-Rex," shares the pair. 

Their entire aesthetic, from the artwork to the color scheme, is very easy to get on board with. Check them out above and connect with their socials below to keep up to date with their latest news. 

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