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Adrian Stresow demonstrates growth on 'It Could Be Worse'

Dallas recording artist Adrian Stresow is only getting better. Since the release of his project The Kid in His Room in 2017, he has amassed a sizable following and put out a string of singles. He is finding his way in the pop-rap subgenre, but is doing it with a distinct asset: he can actually rap. His aggression is not overarching, but still he is never corny. Every song feels genuine and polished. 

After releasing two singles, "Lie To Me" and "Bags," Stresow is finally ready to share his newest project. It Could Be Worse is stocked with electrifying music that hits on all levels: it is emotional, personal, exciting, and sonically impressive. The album's 10 songs often carry lightly-autotuned melodies, a thumping bass, and honest raps. Highlights from the project include the reflective track "Never That," which touches on Stresow's journey with a catchy chorus and sharp bars, and "Bags," which is a showcase of his hunger for success. 

"As I keep making music, my process keeps evolving and with this album I was way more critical of myself with what I let make the cut. My goal was to make the music that I know already sets me apart and try to stray from doing anything overly predictable," Stresow said of It Could Be Worse. The 20-year-old recording artist is honing his craft and putting out undeniably incredible music; stream It Could be Worse above. 

Connect with Adrian Stresow: Twitter | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram 



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