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Dream of lovers in foreign lands with Bells and Robes' "Jackal and the Moon"

Bells and Robes, the duo comprised of Luke Sipka on keyboard and Dean Spaniol on drums and samples, have been consistently composing lush, cinematic sonic journeys since 2012.

Their latest comes at a pretty fortuitous time for this writer, who currently prepares for a three-week jaunt through Europe. The duo tells EARMILK, "'Jackal and the Moon' is a story, narrated by Kaisune (on vocals), about two unexpected people sharing a dance under the stars in a foreign land. They lose track of time in a seductive exchange, yet are aware that the relationship will vanish as soon as the sun rises.” Who doesn't dream of dalliances abroad that fade away by the morning light? Organic, lo-fi sonic elements combine with a pulsing bass line that intertwines with your steady heartbeat. When Kaisune croons "morning comes too soon," and birds delicately chirp in the distance, you can almost see the sun rising over rooftops unknown from the warmth of your luxe hotel linens. Ah, vacation.  

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