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Creature Kingdom arrives on the scene with the instantly cool “Act So”

Creature Kingdom, a fresh musical voice hailing from San Francisco, is starting out on the right foot with the instantly cool hit, “Act So.” Pulling eclectic sounds from a breadth of musical genres, the multi-instrumentalist producer provides sly commentary on social media addiction over a beat that would have the stingiest wallflower bobbing their head. Listen below.

It’s a difficult prospect to balance lyrics full of meaningful commentary against a song that feels immediately fun to listen to, but Creature Kingdom does it with ease. The bouncy, deftly-produced track is vaguely reminiscent of 90’s sugary pop hits but feels right at home with prophetic contemporary producers like Dirty Projectors. The meaning behind the lyrics almost take a backseat to the frenetic energy of the instrumentals on first listen. Cheeky lines like, “Oh, I think I like that”, and, “I don’t think I like that”, reveal an added layer of consideration and interest.

"It's commentary on social media addiction. It touches on a few of the less than flattering moments in the day of a social media addict. That tugging sensation to share your experience and get acknowledgement from the internet. The hungry ghost indulgence of scrolling for hours on social feeds." - Creature Kingdom

Fans of Dirty Projectors, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Still Woozy will find familiar footing in the strong sonic shifts, bouncy rhythms and contemporary lyrical vernacular.

Connect with Creature Kingdom: Facebook | Spotify | Soundcloud

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