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The Slice, Episode 6 [Urban Feature]

We are dedicated to rummaging the inner regions of the web in search of that good alternative urban music and serving it directly to music lovers. This initiative is what we call "The Slice" at EARMILK. Every fortnight we share with you ten new ear-grabbing songs from different genres ranging from hip-hop, grime, soul, afrobeat/pop and dancehall. So let us do the digging while you sit back and relax to some brilliantly crafted music from around the globe.

1. Hylynd - "Permanent Marks"

Hylynd kicks off this edition of The Slice with a highly soothing cut titled "Permanent Marks". Armed with a commanding vocal tone and catchy melodies to match, Hylynd brings nothing but his A-game on this pop-R&B joint that explores the concept of love with a unique twist.  "Permanent Marks" is a precursor to his upcoming EP Born In The Night.

2. Meiwa - "Wonder"

Melbourne, Australia based Canadian singer Meiwa switches the vibe on her new single "Wonder". Blending acoustic elements with soul and folk sensibilities, the genre-bending act takes the listener on an enthralling aural journey on this record. Besides delivering emotional-drenched vocals that touch the soul, Meiwa's authentic candor and colorful lyrics such as "when the sun comes down, we will be children again..." shine brightly on this mellow, mesmerizing soulful tune.

3. Mel Bowen - "On The Wrong Side"

Mel Bowen brings nothing but soul and color on "On The Wrong Side". On the record, the multi-talented singer-songwriter blends elements of folk, New York soul, the jazz of Montmartre pavement cafes, and the heat of Ipanema evenings. He brings a pretty unique retro-tinged British vibe on this tune with a band that crafts a lush, warm backdrop for the singer. I can't say more than that and implore you to hit the play button to really feel this brilliant record as opposed to me rambling on about how dope it is.

4. KYRIE - "Hey Big Head"

L.A emcee KYRIE comes through with a summer rap banger titled "Hey Big Head". I'm not sure if that is a dis or a term of endearment but regardless this record bumps in the whip. Don't let the thick bouncy track mislead you as the message behind it sees the young artist sharing her experience of being noticed for her music for the very first time. KYRIE says. “This song influenced the direction of future project and also helped me realize more about myself as a person and as an artist.” To birth this vibey creation, KYRIE turned to producer HyperViolet who helped bring her vision to life.

5. Mahalia - " I Wish I Missed My Ex"

British rising star Mahalia drops her new single " I Wish I Missed My Ex" and its accompanying new video. The Maths Time Joy produced track is a sweet blend of soul and hip-hop elements that give nostalgic vibes reminiscent of the 90s. The track is a perfect example of her trademark, open-hearted lyricism fusing old-school soul and atmospheric synths with R&B/pop leanings. The video was shot in LA by Director Andrew Litten over a 22-hour stint. Lovers of hip-hop would recognize the slight nod to the classic Pharcyde "Drop" video. Filmed in reverse, Mahalia was coached by a UCLA linguist to learn the song backward and also performed it in a similar fashion.

6. Ragers - "Medicine"

Montreal natives Ragers provide a solid groovy joint in the form of their new single "Medicine". Teaming up with their fellow Montrealite, Lou Phelps who comes through with his characteristic off-kilter verbal performance and the rest is a wrap.

"Medicine" is taken from the group's upcoming LP Raw Footage which embodies modern pop and hip hop, musical proficiency, on point flow, and the band's undeniable talent in creating catchy hooks and melodies.

7. RDX - "Dirt"(Prod By Teddy Music)

East London duo RDX mash up the list with this rousing jam aptly titled "Dirt". The duo (Comprising of brothers’ RD and Mr. X,) takes it back to streets with rapid-fire flows over a cinematic backdrop (produced by Teddy Music). No punches are pulled here as they plow into the ears with that classic grime sound mixed with the new age element.

"Dirt" is taken from their recently released project 'Think Twice'.

8. Elijah the Young Prophit - "Letter 2 Trump" (feat. Da Youngfellaz).

Elijah the Young Prophit delivers the visuals for his previously released single "Letter 2 Trump".The cinematic visual offering is directed and written by Shock B of Def Squad Studios, who uses the young rapper’s lyrical insights to portray the stark reality of our current political climate. The video plays out like a short film that encapsulates the fear and horror that so many of our young people have been forced to endure during school shootings and instances of police violence. Elijah portrays himself not just as an artist looking for answers, but also a young man unsure about where this world is heading. But he—along with his guests, Da Youngfellaz—has an air of hope that cuts through the darkness, making even the most cynical person hope that maybe, just maybe, the intended recipient of “Letter 2 Trump” gets to hear it. Get the audio here

9. FOOL - "Ahead of Myself"

FOOL bring things down to a lower tempo with this soothing track titled "Ahead of Myself". The duo, made up of producer Kian and vocalist Izzy, display an unbridled chemistry with the way they both complement each other. Kian's soul-drenched groovy backdrop serves as the perfect canvass for Izzy's emotionally punchy performance, the track also gets a vocal assist from singer Robbie Pate who brings his own unique touch to spice things up.

10. The New Review - "Portrait of a Man"

The 8 man band who go by the moniker The New Review help wrap up this edition with their vintage funk and soul single titled "Portrait of a Man". Led by frontwoman Aubrey Haddard who taps into that Motown-era vibe, the listener is immediately transported back into time with their raw and edgy melodies. Supported by a hard-hitting rhythm section, and topped off with a punchy two-piece horn section, you know you are getting your money's worth once you hit the play button on this record. Get "Portrait of a Man" on Spotify here

Extra SliceInsightful & Kydd Jones - "War Paint"

Austin's Kydd Jones and Soulection’s iNsightful team up for a sultry heater on “War Paint.” Blending downtempo vibes laced with dreamy modern R&B elements, iNsightful crafts a solid backdrop for Kydd Jones with a melody-laced vocal performance that shines through the ethereal vibes. The music video perfectly accompanies the song and serves to further the vibe with its nearly psychedelic purple visuals. Kydd Jones’ lines like “Lipstick on my collar like war paint” will leave you with a reminder that all is fair in love and war. 


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