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Kyoto Black and Delaney Kai team up on mellifluous new tune “Sounds”

Kyoto Black and Delaney Kai are two of the latest talented artists that come from Vancouver, British Columbia. With previous collaborations, they have once again merged their artistic individualities in this single titled, "Sounds".

I first discovered Delaney Kai and Kyoto Black on their track with Eminence “Without You”. Funny enough, that track helped me get started in the music industry. It was the first time I reached out to and got to speak with an artist (Eminence), as I found out they were from Vancouver as well. Discovering "Sounds" last week, I was hit with a sense of nostalgia from hearing Kyoto's production again. 

Finally, I can now describe what I find alluring about their production. Kyoto's use of synths, bass kicks, and percussions blend in a simplistic but elegant way. This is further enhanced by Delaney's gentle and serene vocals. “Sounds” starts off with a hollow, inaudible vocal creating that dark and ominous mood to set the tone for the chorus that relates to a lost relationship. The drop plays on vocal chops from the beginning with a jazzy guitar lead. The single really highlights Delaney's songwriting and vocals which makes this a fantastic collaborative piece.

Connect with Delaney KaiSoundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Kyoto BlackSoundcloud | Twitter | Instagram



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