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Bohkeh offers a cozy bass remix of "Cloud Keep"

 Bohkeh, also known as RJ Lim, is an LA-based producer who enjoys jamming out on the piano and creating melodic, funky beats. I'm happy to share his flip of "Cloud Keep" by Mark Redito, a gem of a tune that brings a classical twist to the original. I discovered him at a show earlier this year hosted by Space Yacht and have been a huge fan since. 

The Mark Redito original is a love song for the digital generation, wrapped in a lush synth texture and electro-funk bubble gum bounce. RJ plays around with the vocals throughout the track, adding chops and repeat snippets. He's sped up the track 30-40 BPM further, animating taking the original, slower pace. Added percussion is noticeable throughout, recalling comparisons to the likes of Lido. 

If you want to get to know RJ a little more, he created a video that uses the track in the background to share items found in his bedroom.

Bohkeh is playing in LA this Friday, June 15 at the KTOWN Nightmarket - if you're in the area I suggest you check it out for some delicious food paired with equally scrumptious beats!

Connect with BohkehSoundcloud | Twitter | Instagram



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