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LOVA bares it all on "Careful"

Lova Alvilde aka LOVA delivers a poignant note on her defiant single "Careful."

The 19-year-old Swedish singer, songwriter, and producer is pushing the envelope with her unique take on the traditional pop genre, mixing visceral topics from insecurities, flaws and much more. Her single "Careful" brings the subject matter close to the listener. The soundscape may be bright and upbeat but the underlining feelings displayed shows a young outspoken female who wants to be free of judgmental individuals who prey on other peoples emotions. The track is pretty catchy but also sends a deep message for everyone tuning in when she says "...You should be careful judging me..."

"Careful" is taken from her recently released Scripted Reality EP . The EP includes deliciously odd anthem “You Me and The Silence”, the ludicrously catchy single “Insecurities” and more.

Scripted Reality  EP Tracklist:
1. Careful
2. You Me and The Silence
3. Insecurities
4. Sober Up
5. Scripted Reality

She will be performing at the Queens of Pop festival in Sweden on August 3rd alongside fellow Swedes Icona Pop and Zara Larsson.

Connect with LOVA :  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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