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SHENZI's debut "Heavy" is multi-layered and emotionally encapsulating

Up and coming band SHENZI delivers their debut single "Heavy" and it's pretty brilliant.

"Heavy" is an interesting piece not because it's the very song the band played together as a band but more because of the smooth vocal stylings, lush musical arrangements and multi-layered instrumentation. Written by drummer Johnathan Hulett and sung by lead vocalist Desiree Bannister, the record sums up what exactly makes this band unique- blending all the genres they love from gospel harmony, jazz to neo-soul elements. "The song is an internal dialogue on navigating heartbreak," Hulett says of the song and vocalist Desiree channels the exact notion with her commanding vocals peppered with a passionate drive.

SHENZI is a Miami based, multi-genre quintet that emphasizes artistic authenticity and the art of storytelling through musical and lyrical compositions. Each member of the band comes from different musical backgrounds, combining rich jazz roots, heavy hip-hop grooves, vintage soul/funk stylings, Miami-grown Latin flare, and blistering electric guitar leads to create a unique, ferocious sound all their own. 

Following their first East Coast tour in 2017, SHENZI's debut project Vol. 1 released on April 27, 2018.

Connect with SHENZI: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Jazz · Nu-Jazz · Soul


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