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Tommy Newport gets groovy in latest psych-rock single "I Forgive You"

With a catchy psych-rock synth melody, groovy guitar licks and some light jazzy drum play, "I Forgive You" is a silky smooth debut from newcomer Tommy Newport. Check it out below: 

Not much is known yet about Tommy Newport but according to Complex, the young Kansas-based singer-songwriter co-produced "I Forgive You" with Jazz Cartier's DJ, 4th Pyramid. This track has everything you want in a Summery psych-rock single. The percussions are clean, there's a sleek jazzy melody and the lyrics are delivered through this cool, hypnotizing voice. This is the first single released through the new moniker, so make sure to keep Tommy Newport on your radar this year! 

Connect with Tommy Newport: Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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