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Mike Rogers craft a soulful gem on "Loose Ideas" feat. JONES, Tiggs da Author & MYBADD

Mike Rogers just revealed their second single "Loose Ideas" featuring JONES, Tiggs da Author & MYBADD.

Mike Rogers is the outcome of two minds from different worlds, overlapping in the territory of songwriting and producing.  Made up of duo Mike Mago and Rogerseventytwo, the duo craft a lush, soulful backdrop for their favorite vocalists and singers in various tracks. Having worked intensively on an upcoming new music project, they are now proud to share with us their sophomore single "Loose Ideas". The soulful cut makes use of a vicious funky sample, which sounds familiar but can't really place a finger on it, over a groovy drum pattern and warm keys. As expected, the entire song is a soulful affair, as they enlist the vocal talents of London-born artist Cherie Jones - more commonly known as JONES - the effortless flow of Tiggs da Author; not forgetting vocal, songwriting & production contributions from MYBADD. The record has a very retro vibe mixed with a beautiful modern twist. Check it out above.

"Loose Ideas" will be followed by a third single "Pretty Ones" as well as a later release of their yet to be named EP.

Connect with Mike Rogers : Soundcloud | Facebook |  Instagram

Alternative R&B · Jazz Hop · R&B · Soul


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