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Singer/songwriter and producer Dresage gets personal on "Gallery"

Back in April I introduced the colorful future pop single "Dinosaur" from fun-loving duo More Giraffes. Now one half of the duo, singer/songwriter/producer Keeley Bumford aka Dresage, is presenting another passion project on her own. In her version of personal exploration through sound and texture, she's just released "Gallery," a self reflection on love, romance, and heartbreak. 

"Rather than endless self-reflection and emotional torture, 'Gallery' imagines an alternate universe where every heartbreak is put on display. If we had the ability to see our romantic failings and achievements art-exhibit style, wine in hand and heels clicking on polished cement floors, maybe we'd see our past with 20/20 vision," shares  Dresage. Sonically, "Gallery" plays upon sunny electro vibes, jazzy vocals, and indie pop, giving the single cross genre appeal. Give it a whirl!
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