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Arenas & Hannah Murphy team up for the groovy "Comprend"

Producer Arenas recruits singer Hannah Murphy for an R&B experimentation single titled "Comprend."

Arenas is a producer who pulls out the big guns on this record, blending downtempo vibes, lo-fi sensibilities and soul/R&B fundamentals. The record takes on a life of its own as singer Hannah Murphy layers the emotionally varying canvass with her powerfully passionate vocal performance. She switches her style at every turn, breathing new life into the ever-changing soundscape laid by Arenas. The six minute-long piece is quite stunning for its progression, which ends with a one minute neo funk-filled instrumental.

Arenas told us that the song was written when he randomly met Hannah through a Craigslist ad when he lived in London. The duo bonded over their love for Hiatus Kaiyote and proceeded to work on the piece. He also adds that the song is therapeutic for him as he was going through a rough patch in his life at the time the song was being made.


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R&B · Soul


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