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PERISH thrills with a gloomy love tale on her new single "Sad Girl" [Premiere]

PERISH is an independent singer-songwriter and producer who is currently preparing to launch her full-length project later this year but in the interim, she teases her fans with a new single titled  "Sad Girl."

The Nashville native crafts a somber electronic backdrop for her dark-themed lyrics and sultry vocal style. She draws the listener with ease into her world of despair as she sings "...I'll lick your wounds if you tend to mine..." reassuring her partner that all it takes is just the two of them against the world.  She brings it to a closure with "...You're just a sad boy, I'm just a sad girl, yeah I'm a sad girl but it's a sadder world" as she finds solace in their combined state of lingering despair. The self-produced song is pretty unique for combining pop elements with delicate subject matter such as mental illness and awareness.

"Sad Girl" is the follow-up single to her debut EP La Petite Mort. The single is off her upcoming sophomore release, a full-length titled California Screaming to be released Fall/Winter.  The single, as well as the remainder of her sophomore, are produced and written solely by PERISH.  Music video for "Sad Girl," directed by Josh Lockhart, will be released sometime in June. Get her EP here.

Connect with  PERISH : Soundcloud | Facebook |SpotifyTwitter | Instagram

Electro · Electro Pop


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