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Now that's a debut: "6 Shots" by 6 Shots

For those of you just tuning, the Hip Hop scene in Nigeria is booming. And if that sentence doesn’t convince you, look no further than the debut track “6 Shots” from Nigerian duo 6 Shots. Comprised of EARMILK favorite, Phlow, and fellow MC Cyclone, 6 Shots is one hell of a collab between two of Nigeria’s most promising rappers. Peep the track below.

Produced by Phlow’s mainstay, Teck-Zilla, “6 Shots” is a banger from the jump. Cyclone leads the charge with a fierce first verse, setting the tone for the track with a handful of braggadocio bars. From there, Phlow comes in and does her usual work, setting fire to the booth.

What’s most fun about this track, however, is the final verse. The art of the back and forth verse feels a bit lost these days, which is why it’s so fun to hear Cyclone and Phlow trading bars as they bring “6 Shots” to a close. There’s nothing better than two skilled lyricists volleying couplets back and forth between each other. That much is especially true, when those skilled lyricists are spitting over a banger of a beat.

At the moment, 6 Shots is only a three track collab project, and “6 Shots” is the lead-off single. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long to hear the next two tracks from these talented young rappers.


Connect with Phlow: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with Cyclone: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter



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