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JAMS The Flava Child turns the focus inward on his latest, "Cloudy Boyz"

It was only a couple of weeks ago that JAMS The Flava Child graced the pages of EARMILK with news of a new track and new EP. Today, we find ourselves once again grooving along to another fresh song by JAMS, the second single off of The Appetizer, “Cloudy Boyz.”

Produced by Nedo, “Cloudy Boyz” is a bit of a slower and more contemplative joint from JAMS. While his last track, “Ring Ring” had a funky feel to it, “Cloudy Boyz” finds JAMS with his head in the clouds, thinking about his life and the moves that got him to where he is now.

While JAMS is more known for his Flava and funk, it’s nice to see his range on a song like “Cloudy Boyz.” He does the upbeat fun shit well, but even that can grow tired if it’s the only angle in an artists repertoire. Thankfully, that’s not the case for JAMS. “Cloudy Boyz” is human, it’s honest. You can genuinely feel the stress weighing on the guy, and that level of openness makes him that much more relatable as an artist.

There are still a few more songs to uncover from The Appetizer but no word yet when we get the chance to hear them. For now, sit tight, roll up, and cool out with some introspective grooves brought to you by the “Cloudy Boyz.”

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