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Rokeaux delivers a rich blend of Caribbean Hip-Pop on his new project 'Before I Land'

Singer/rapper/songwriter Rokeaux showcases his wide range of skills on his new project titled 'Before I Land'

'Before I Land' is a 9 track project that straddles the musical styles of pop/r&b and trap. As expected, the soundscapes are huge anthemic jams with a lot of crossover potential. The LA-based act brings in the big guns as well as he raps and sings through the project, switching from one style to another when it permits. He is definitely not held back by the constraints of the norm and chooses to do his own thing. The opening track "Rebel Rant Act 1" is a verbal onslaught as Rokeaux kicks the door off the hinges. The follow up "R.O.O.T" and "Snakes On The Plane" shows a different side respectively as he dwells on the grind to the apex on the former and aims for the club on the latter. The project is quite short but makes up for its rich pop-influenced style and polished soundscape to boot as the listener gets pulled into Rokeaux's fine-tuned "island boy" vibes. 

Rokeaux is also a member of the Psych Klan collective based in LA.


Connect with  Rokeaux : Soundcloud | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Rap


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