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Flaw release’s “Solitude” from his intuitive EP 'Lost In Thought'

Chirp… Chirp… Bitbird fam rollcall!

The label never fails to astonish me with their unique approach in creating innovative music that captivates and curates an audience that is looking for something new and unique.

For those who do not know, Flaws originally started out as a fan of the label, however his production caught the ears of San Holo after he did an unofficial remix of ILIVEHERE’s “Coming Home”. Shortly afterwards, he was asked to be part of Gouldian Finch 2 and the rest is history.

A line that stood out to me when I got the press release in writing this was that the producer had written it with the representation of his feelings and thoughts to be the main focus and shine of the album, and it clearly holds true to that form. I’ve heard a lot of future bass, future trap, pop lately so this tune was truly a refreshing piece to write about. Music to me is love and a coping mechanism which I am sure many of you share the same ordeal however it also is a way for me to reach into someone’s soul at times and hear their inner emotions put into sound waves. Filled with his own vocals and a thoughtfully executed sound design of acoustic strings, the Dutch producer invites listeners, old and new to tune into a melancholy.

Today I’m covering “Solitude” one of the four tracks in the EP, which the inspiration behind it was from Flaws riding his bike in the woods. Warm lo-fi melodies are mixed together with a rapidly plucked guitar that creates an experience that hits close to home for me as an avid listener of the popular lo-fi playlists found. The imagery that I developed from the track was one from a cult classic anime series called Sword Art Online where a particular scene happened in the first season where the main character had laid down on a sunny spring morning on the grassy hills and was enjoying the little things in life.

Flaw release’s “Solitude” from his intuitive EP: Lost In Thought

Congratulations to Flaws on his beautiful first EP, elegant and easy on the ears but don’t take the simplicity for granted it’s surely a memorable one for its unique direction. I can’t wait to continue to see what he whips up for the rest of the year.

Your thoughts and feelings can be a rollercoaster at times. And I think that's what this EP is all about. Every song off this EP makes me feel some kind of way and that's essentially what I'm working towards when making music.

Connect with Flaws: SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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