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Finnish Producer Alex Mattson delivers strong and dynamic electronic EP 'Eleven' [Premiere]

When Sony Music approached us about premiering Finnish Producers Alex Mattson's 'Eleven' EP our ears perked up and eyes as well.

At first glance Alex looks like a young pop artist, fresh out of engineering school. He's got everything a major label would want, following the young producer trends of dance, pop, and radio friendly vibes. While his new EP is entitled  'Eleven', there's only four tracks on it, featuring previous released track "Complicated Love" which is super catchy from the jump, reminding us of popular music you hear on the radio that makes you want to dance around in your living room. New single "Flesh And Bone" kicks the EP off with strong vocal work from Cimo Fränkel, third track "Myself" slows things down with vocalist Amanda Fondell, giving the EP a strong bass vibe with a female perspective. The EP ends, bringing us back to progressive house music with "Discovery", which makes sense as this is what labels want and Mattson is putting out all the stops to make them listen. 

Alex shares, "Discovery is a very special song for me, because I've been releasing a lot of pop twisted songs (which I absolutely love) but this time I wanted to release something that gives me the same feeling I had when listening to the first electronic tracks I got into before my career."

As a multi-talented and diverse producer, this EP has something for all electronic dance music fans.

Connect with  Alex Mattson: Facebook I Twitter I Soundcloud



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