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Soft Streak fix themselves on savory electronic medley "Ride"

Up-and-coming electronic duo, Soft Streak, share an invigorating and savory electronic medley called "Ride." The duo, which consists of Tori Schachne and Colton Toy, compose electronic music that is filled with emotion and feeling rather than a drop. Their single "Ride" is a paramount for their sound, as it uses soft synths and chorus tinged modes to create a warm atmosphere. 

"Ride" highlights Schachne's warm vocals with subtle electronic and analog percussion. The simplistic rhythm content carry an inviting and overly happy energy throughout the piece. All the while eclectic melodies, edgy guitar riffs, and evolving synths add extra layers. Prepare to have your imagination and emotions piqued, as this piece is an emotional ride. 

"'Ride' is a song that I wrote inspired by a movie I couldn't stop thinking about," states Soft Streak. "It's about desperately needing a change from your current situation and not caring about the risk involved in making the change. Maybe you're even looking for something slightly dangerous because at least that would be interesting. Taking action without caring about the consequence."
Connect with Soft Streak: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Website 


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