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Marc Salvador steps out from the "Shadow" [Video]

Budding singer/songwriter Marc Salvador delivers a retro-fitted rollicking record titled "Shadow"

Blending elements of rock, pop and dance, Marc Salvador's newest output showcase the vast dynamics of modern dance melodies and heavy 80s synth-driven soundscapes. The record focuses on the bright side of things and as Marc puts it "...An optimistic view of being human through shimmery gestures and zealous ambiance". The sultry vocal style brings the concept of the song closer to home as he sings "...I can't wait 'til tomorrow when I look at the shadow..." over the spirited funky backdrop.

The video was shot in Spain and directed by the Barcelona-based artist Lyona Ivanova. Using vintage set pieces and colorful animation, the positive vibes of the song is brought to life via the simple conceptual setting.  The social reference is the basic societal choice that one can do between staying in a "box" (represented by the office) or follow and create your own path (which is following dreams to try to realize them as much as possible given various social constraints). The video also stars Laia Manzanares (featured in Tame Impala's music video for " The Less I Know the Better ") as the leading lady.

Connect with Marc Salvador :  Facebook | Instagram

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