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Gyles Bartle releases video for downtempo midnight soundtrack "You" on Because Music

Electronic producer and rapper Gyles Bartle announces the release of his awesome debut single, "You". 

At the age of 20, Gyles has already accumulated a considerable following through his production work alone. In fact, releasing music under his production guise Gylzey; we've previously gushed about his music at EARMILK. His last mixtape Yellow was an epic maximalist, and all consuming, brilliant way to pass time. However, with  the release of genre defying "You," the producer and now rapper has successfully reinvented his sound, into something minimal. The release of "You" takes Gyles out of his comfort zone to challenge bigger goals as a solo artist. Over a late night & blue beat, the solitary, dreamlike "You" invites the listener into Gyles’s late night reflections, reminiscing over the passing of time and lost loves.

Gyles says of the track: "When recording "You" I was feeling quite detached from everything. Putting myself in this ball that felt like almost no one could see me in, which only made things worse. The night prior to making You I remember just laying back in my room literally just daydreaming. So the next morning I woke up; and naturally just came about making it."

Connect with Gyles Bartle: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Spotify

Photo by Hollie Fernando



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