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Foster & The Pranksters strike a sonic balance on "Think Me A Fool"

There's nothing like a good fusion. At least, that was the thinking of New Jersey rapper Foster who, along with guitarist Mike C. aka The Irate Genius, founded Foster & The Pranksters (a band that combines funk, soul, the essentials of hip-hop, and a dash of rock to deliver touching and infectious tunes). 

With its bluesy opening, "Think Me A Fool" is driven by an attractive grit. The writing teeters on vignettes of the everyman, with a dash of glamour. The melodies soften and balloon on the chorus, while maintaining the rock edge. Images of liquor and loneliness give the single some texture. There is a whiskey-soaked affect that gives "Think Me A Fool" teeth and staying power; there's something so human about summoning images of wasting away at the bar top.

When Foster begins rapping on the final arc of the track, all of the layers the band has been building up come together. His flow is focused and languid, his delivery natural. Foster & The Pranksters is a band with some know-how, as in they know how to pluck the best features of their favourite genres and develop a sound all their own.

"Think Me A Fool" is the first single off ​the ​band's upcoming EP​ ​further, coming later this year.

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Hip-Hop · PBR&B · Soul


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