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Matilda is feeling regal on "Queen" 

We got a whiff of what electro-pop singer Matilda is cooking and we just had to help deliver the goodies right away. The LA by way of Sweden singer is currently preparing her EP Drifting By but in the interim whets her fans appetite with her newest juicy single titled "Queen".  Over an edgy/dark soundscape, she captures the listener with her powerful sultry vocals layered over melodic harmonies. She flips the traditional idea of the love-lorn style as she sings, and further explains the real-life experience that inspired the song, a situation where her partner had more feelings for her than she did for them. Of course, she had to relish and bask in said euphoria even though she felt she didn't deserve it. In a nutshell, the song is about being praised in a relationship.

After studying for 2 years at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, she decided concentrate on what matters to her: the music.  The young singer has set her sights on showing the world her craft as she prepares for the release of her debut EP. 

Connect with Matilda: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram

Alternative R&B · Indie Pop


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