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Sweater Beats teams up with Icona Pop to get you "Faded Away"

Not merely an EDM DJ/producer, Sweater Beats has always been honest about his pop music sensibilities.  His first original release this year just arrived, and "Faded Away" is a bonafide ear pleaser.

This collaboration between Sweedish electropop duo Icona Pop, of "I Love it" fame, and Brooklyn based Sweater Beats is an effortless transatlantic union of their respective talents.  Sweater Beats, also known as Antonio Cuna, has a knack for melodies, and Icona Pop is no stranger to breakup songs, which "Faded Away" most certainly is.  Antiono states "I've been a huge Icona Pop fan for a long time & so I had so much fun making this bop with them."  Despite being about a breakup, the playful melody underpins the typically urgent Icona Pop vocal hook.  Even if your Friday didn't involve a breakup, hit play and bounce along. 

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