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Firstworld takes us to "Space" on funky new synth pop single [Video Premiere]

South Florida electronic musician Firstworld only has a few songs to his name, but his discography is still an essential one for fans of dreamy, nocturnal synth pop.

His new single, "Space", which we're premiering here on EARMILK, fits perfectly between the styles of TEEEL and Vega Intl. Night School-era Neon Indian. It's a tune that's equal parts funk, synthwave, and chillwave, a label Firstworld unabashedly embraces. The single is the first taste of an official EP titled I'm Right Here.  According to a press release, "Largely inspired by true events, I’m Right Here is a modern love story riddled with ambiguity and uncertainty. The story is chronicled through six songs, each one depicting a difficult and confusing stage in a relationship."

With the music video, it's an appropriately a e s t h e t i c tongue-in-cheek look at Miami club culture. As explained by the press release:

The music video for “Space” is an homage and parody of the Miami nightlife. Inspired by a late night local TV bloc documenting Miami’s decadent club scene in the early 2000s, the video follows two hosts of the fictitious TV segment “EZ AXS TV” around Firstworld’s single release party of the title track.

"Space" achieves an easy-going vibe with a fun, straightforward dance beat and a surplus of syrupy synthesizers. Fleshing out the slightly lo-fi production are some classic disco percussion elements like woodblocks and tambourine. Everything blends together in the chorus, with the infectious hook of "I'm going to space tonight" repeated again and again until you realize you've caught yourself singing it in the middle of the day. For this only being the third song Firstworld has ever released, it's a promising three for three so far.

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