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Knowledge Thyself & Gift of Gab take us on a "Journey of Yourself"

Knowledge Thyself makes a splash on our hip-hop radar with his latest record, a super lyrically-drenched cut titled " Joy (Journey of yourself)"   featuring Blackalicious's Gift of Gab. With that information alone, you already know what to expect if G.O.G is involved. The pair raises the verbal stakes over a soulful anthemic backdrop as they kick knowledge and tear down doors with their tongue-twisting wordplay and then some.  Knowledge Thyself starts the engines with lines like "...Ruminate to make it graphic, inject the layers and the facets/ Galactic tactics, the face is, don't act contracted what it takes to spread love to the masses..." before passing the mic-device to Gif of Gab who cements the concept with his machine gun flow, graphic imagery laced with anecdotes that serve as food for thought.

Knowledge Thyself is a Hawaiian based act who lyrically blends two philosophies, “knowledge of self” and “know thyself”. His musical style blends old school classic hip-hop intertwined with personal experiences. Get the audio here on Spotify.

Connect with Knowledge Thyself : Soundcloud | Facebook |SpotifyBandcamp| Instagram
Hip-Hop · Rap


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