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ROMES are beaten up by vices in latest video "When The Night Comes" [Premiere]

The latest video from Toronto alt-pop quartet ROMES sees the band exploring their relationships to their vices. 

Directed by Liam Higgins, the black-and-siren-red video is gritty. The time-warped cinema expresses "the realization of how easily we can become consumed by our vices and how, if left unchecked, giving in to temptation can take a hold of us.Wine and water refill in the television screen as the band seem to be beaten by their vices, whatever those may be.

While the production is lush and the vocal is silky smooth, it's the varied instrumentation and the juxtaposition of emotive lyrics against a pop backdrop that lay the foundation for this group's appeal. The vocal is intercut with savvy guitar licks, a killer beat and an irresistibly catchy bass line.

ROMES are a treat to see live. Catch them next at their headline show on May 11th at the Rivoli in Toronto for Canadian Music Week, tickets available via Ticketweb

Connect with ROMES: Twitter | Website | Spotify

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