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EverythingOShauN's releases an array of symbolic visuals for "Blind" [Video]

Toronto's EverythingOShauN comes through with a brilliant song and video focusing on the effects that alcohol can have. In the past few years, EO has released two projects, Until Now (2016) and Almost Everything (2017). This track kicks off his late 2017 EP and has been one of his biggest to date. Produced by Xpress aka DJXP, the haunting trap instrumental meets EO in a dark place telling his tales of alcohol abuse and his experiences with it. 

The video matches this vibe going with a black and white treatment. The directors, Fatty Soprano & Shutterr, put in candid and portrait images of blind people to connect to EO being blindfolded in a forest setting. An important part of the video comes at the very beginning where we see EO putting the blindfold on himself, symbolizing the self-harming nature of substance abuse. Seeing an artist be this real and vulnerable is really inspiring experience. If you like this be sure to check out the rest EverythingOShaun’s work and follow him with the links below 

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