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Lil Reek and Brodinski "Rock Out"

Lil Reek, have you heard of him? Well, here is your chance to put him on your radar with his first single, "Rock Out" of the forthcoming 'Graduation' EP set to release, you guessed it, when he graduates. Reek is a young and captivating emcee from ATL currently navigating life between school and a career in music.

"Rock Out" is in a word, heavy and a banger of a track that is undeniably ATL to its core.  Lil Reek's endless energy and charisma clearly show that the young rapper is ready to claim his throne and his diploma. 

As if you needed another reason to peep this ill cut the track is produced by none other than Brodinski. Brodi let's Lil Reek run roughshod over a pulsating and heavy house-influenced beat that culminates into a true aggro-trap masterpiece. From beginning to end, you are entranced with ominous synth stabs that dance and devolve over whispy snare drum hits. Each verse is ridden out to a build up that erodes the synth into a square wave type neurosis as Reek speeds up his rapping into the chorus. 

Connect with Lil Reek: YouTube | Instagram 

Connect with Brodinski: Twitter | Soundcloud | Facebook

Electronic · Hip-Hop · Southern Trap


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