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A Sinner and his "Palm Trees"

Sinner the London, England based producer has released the first volume of his Palm Trees beat tape, a truly magnificent album to just max out and chill out to.

Aashish Sinha, as his parents prefer to call him, has put together a six track tour de force. The album opens with "Beam" a mysteriously ominous song that undulates and bubbles over with a synth pad as hazy as Venice Beach yesterday with snare hits breaking through the high pitched vocal sample that weaves through the soundscape like normies and tourists asking the locals, "where is the best taco shack is brah?"

"Route 66" is a truly wavy guitar riff that wisps and billows through the air like an Angeleno in a Toyota Prius who has to get to that audition on the west side during rush hour. The digital undulations of "Summer" are a shining effervescent breath of fresh air buried in the middle of a deluge of hazy cuts that open Palm Trees.

All in all, this piece by Sinner is a thoroughly enjoyable journey of a beat tape full of rich textures and upbeat digital stylings. 

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